Froyo on their First Date

Michaela and Lachlan’s romance just reminds me of two teenagers who are very in love. Michaela has lived in many different countries before she moved to Melbourne for high school, and that is where she met Lachlan. They had froyo on their first day in St. Kilda and from then on, they were inseparable. Lachlan then went on to propose to Michaela when they were 19. I find this extremely sweet especially because they had such a big commitment to each other at such a young age.

Their wedding day was an intimate one, with lots of close family and friends attending. I really liked the fact that Michaela and Lachlan were constantly enjoying the company of each other and they were not fussy about the formalities of the wedding or photo shoot. Although it was a 40-degree day on their wedding, the wedding lunch was very relaxing. Held at The Willows with a close-knit group of friends and family, everyone was there to celebrate the marriage between this lovely couple while catching up with one another.

After the wedding lunch, we headed over to the gardens for a short photo shoot with only Michaela and Lachlan as well as their bridesmaids and groomsmen. The boys were extremely fun to work with especially with their spontaneity and impishness, making the entire photo shoot a lot of fun. Me being a nature lover who loves climbing trees, I had the greatest idea to make the bridesmaids climb a tree. It wasn’t easy for them because not only was it a 40-degree day but also all of the girls were wearing maxi dresses. However, after looking through the photos we took, one of the bridesmaids exclaimed to me: “I don’t hate you anymore!” This was the moment that encapsulated my love for weddings and photography – going through the entire process with my clients (no matter how easy or difficult) and seeing them love the results after.

Ceremony venue: The Willows, St Kilda, Victoria