Under the Great Big Moreton Bay Tree

It was a beautiful wedding under a giant Moreton Bay fig tree. The day couldn't be more perfect. And the highlight of the day was definitely the Punjabi dance- a surprise from Vishal and Marisa to their guests at the cocktail party.

Vishal and Marisa met at work back in 2009, their story started during their trip together to Japan. During the flight from Melbourne to Brisbane, Vishal and Marisa were still friends, but within the first 10 minutes of their flight to Osaka, they just couldn't stop kissing - that's when the relationship was official. During their visit to Japan, they met an American tourist, Anthony, who became their best friend. Vishal turned out to be Anthony's groomsman when Anthony got married. 

When Vishal and Marisa were in New York planning their holiday schedule, a friend sent a Facebook message to Vishal asking:" Have you proposed yet?" And Marisa accidentally saw the message! Ooops!!! They were staying at the Santa Monica beach and after fronting up, they decided to walk down the beach to get engaged. Vishal could never forget that romantic moment, with an Argentinian busker singing as the background music and the beautiful sunset in front of them. What a scene. 

Marisa came from Maltese background but she was born in London, and Vishal's parents were originally from North India. Marisa's dad was so cute: he wears matching bright colored socks and ties, and he's always saying positive words such as "awesome", "marvelous" and "wonderful".

Although it was a simple wedding but it was definitely a very meaningful one. Vishal and Marisa wanted people to be part of their marriage, not just as guests of their wedding. I guess the most precious thing about a wedding is to be able to be yourselves, do what you want and enjoy every bit of it. I definitely loved every moment at Marisa and Vishal's wedding, and thank you so much for having us and trusting in us! 

Ceremony venue: St Kilda Botanical Garden

Reception venue: St Ali - South Melbourne

Assistant photographer: Kelly Reen

Celebrant: Karen Docking

Furniture hire: A&B Weddings

Wedding cake: BakesbyJean

Makeup and hair artist: Rebecca Paris Turpin - Green Scarf Girl

DJ: Nfa Jones

Punjabi dancers: Federation of Bangra