The Proposal You Will Never Forget

Katie and Yuri’s first dance really stood out to me. It was so genuine and sincere; I could sense the amazing chemistry between them just by watching them dance. Looking back, the love between Katie and Yuri has been nothing but simple yet captivating. Yuri proposed to Katie in 2015 when they were at Lakes Entrance for their first year anniversary. Instead of the usual words you would normally hear, Yuri asked Katie in the most effortless way: “Do you want to design a house with me?” Such a natural and ingenuous way of proposing is definitely unforgettable.

During the reception, Katie presented Yuri with a surprise. She hired a pianist to play classical songs because she knew of Yuri’s love for classical music. It is really the littlest details that form the most profound relationships. Katie’s easygoing nature and the lovely smile she always wears on her face made it really nice working with her. Her father was an absolute sport as well – always making jokes and easy to hang around with, he reminded me of my own father and that really made me enjoy myself during the photo shoot.

One distinct feature I will always remember about Katie and Yuri’s wedding is the vodka. Yuri’s father being Ukrainian, it is their tradition to toast with vodka on a wedding day. This wedding to me was truly unique because they had prepared one bottle of vodka on each table. Throughout the day, the guests could be seen enjoying themselves during the reception and as it became dark, everyone danced the night away with the greatest joy and delight for this beautiful couple.

Ceremony venue: The International, Brighton, Victoria