The Vegemite vs. Promite Wedding

 The story goes like this: Hannah likes Vegemite, Elliot likes Promite. They do not share the same sentiments. This marriage is between two beautiful people who are on a never-ending war about which toast spread is better.

I first knew of Hannah and Elliot from Jasmine, Hannah’s sister. Both Hannah and Elliot have their individual personalities: Hannah is extremely expressive and likes to be uniquely different while Elliot leans more towards having a serene disposition, who prefers to show his love through his actions. Yet, this couple cannot possibly complement each other more.

The wedding had two teams. Team Vegemite and Team Promite. Team Vegemite comprised of the girls while the boys belonged to Team Promite. The entire wedding was DIY and there were so many elements of it that really took my breath away. Hannah was so detailed about her wedding planning that even the smallest details were executed to perfection. She ordered vegemite earrings for the bridesmaids and bridesman, whilst Elliot had prepared Promite cufflings and fancy socks for each of his groomsmen. During the morning preparation, Jasmine donned a Vegemite jumpsuit and Hannah wore Vegemite shorts to display their support for their favourite spread. You could tell even from the beginning that this wedding was going to be wacky and out of the ordinary.

I particularly like this wedding because it brought such a good mix of quirkiness and fun, which is definitely one of a kind. It was so Hannah and Elliot. Everything prepared for the wedding was done out of sheer passion and hard work: they baked the wedding cake themselves and Jasmine built the centerpieces and florals on her own – I remember distinctly us driving in the middle of a thunder storm night to steal banksia just so she could complete her ‘project.’

Because Elliot is a chef and they both share a passion for cooking, they used their favourite cookbooks as centerpieces of each table along with Jasmine’s DIY florals. It was such a brilliant idea and everything turned out wonderfully. During the ceremony, Hannah and Elliot took their own versions of communion. They ate wafers with the spread that the other prefers. It was so hilarious to see the both of them struggling to swallow the spread that they proclaimed to hate.

The words “Mutual Weirdness Forever” were put up during the wedding and they are what truly resonates and reflects everything about Hannah and Elliot. Both Hannah and Elliot share their understanding and appreciation for each other’s beliefs and mindset, which is special between them and is displayed beautifully for everyone to see on this day.

This wedding is extremely sentimental to me because I was there before, during and after the entire event. I got to witness the preparations, the family gatherings and was there when Hannah opened her wedding presents the day after. When Hannah saw the Polaroids taken during the wedding, I recall her being so touched that she cried because the photos were not developed on the spot and it reminded her of everything that happened during the wedding.

I had the most fun with the music and dances especially when Hannah pulled Gary and I onto the dance floor. We felt so appreciated and cherished. I got to experience this wedding as a family and friend. But most importantly, I was lucky enough to see these two amazing people create the quirkiest wedding ever and having the best time of their lives.

Ceremony venue: Chapel Farm, Middle Swan, Western Australian