When my eyes need a rest from long hours of photo editing, I run to the park with my dog to enjoy the sunshine, be inspired by Mother Nature, or to sketch some wildflowers, and get lost in the whimsy and happiness of my life. Like my husband always says;"Happy wife, happy life!"

I came to Melbourne for love and started my journey as a photographer here. I feel blessed by God to be surrounded by caring and loving friends, and family. I wish to share this happiness with others through my photography. 

I still remember the experience when I shot my first Polaroid photo . Seeing the moment slowly crystallizing before my eyes, and being able to hold it in my hands immediately was a profound experience. I want you to experience the excitement of Polaroid moment.

Photography for me is about love. I want to tell stories through my photographs. I do this through utilizing my gift for observation and my eye for detail to capture intricate details about my subjects. Emotion is the most important ingredient in my photography. 

Every person I work with has a unique story to tell, a special song to sing. I want to listen intently to your unique story, and everything that makes it distinctly yours. Did you dislike each other at the beginning, like I disliked my husband when we were in the same class at ten years old? Everyone has a unique and beautiful story to share and I aim to work closely and personally with my clients to learn the individual details of their stories, and to let these to guide and shape my vision.

When I am editing I have a special ritual through which I tap into the emotions and mood of your story, and infuse them with my own passion and love. Sing me your song, and I will cut a piece of cake and pour myself a cup of juice. I will listen to your song, hum along, and secretly dance along- this is what I call "I'm soaking in the mood of photography"!

                                                                                                                                                                              - Wei Wei -




Some milestone of mine:

The Star newspaper Valentine's Day Photography Competition 2011 -  Second runner up

Epson Pano Award 2012 - Bronze Award

Wedding Industry Experts 2013 Award - Top 100 Best New Photographer - Australia - Ranking: 3 of 100

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